Are you looking for practical things that you can do that make HOPE, HEALING, and GROWTH possible?  The following are tools that others have found to be very helpful:

“Take what you can use and leave the rest.”

  • Learn to identify, own and process our feelings and emotions
  • Make an effort to avoid people, places, and things that can undermine our recovery and lead to temptation
  • Learn to act with more thought than reaction
  • Solve our problems, rather than deny them or blame them on others
  • Make plans of action for crisis moments and events
  • Attend weekly (or daily) meetings
  • Seek professional help
  • Call accountable friends regularly, even when you don’t need to, so that when you DO need to, it is that much easier – CALL BEFORE YOU FALL
  • Work the 12 Steps
  • Read God’s Word daily
  • Read recovery related materials daily
  • Get a sponsor – a mentor with at least a year of clean time who can lead and guide you on your journey of HOPE, HEALING, and GROWTH
  • Identify your triggers – the people, places, or things that lead you to act out
  • Set your boundaries – they will help guard you, and reduce the opportunity for you to be triggered
  • We are only as sick as our secrets – openness takes the toxic strength out of shame —  If something is eating away at us, it is healthy to share it with someone safe
  • And my personal favorite – Experience HOPE, HEALING and GROWTH in a lively, relaxed, and casual environment that is free from judgement and full of God’s love at Restoration Fellowship!