Where are you located?

Restoration Fellowship is a church ministry of Messiah Lutheran Church, located at 1550 S. Poseyville Road—at the corner of Gordonville and Poseyville Roads—just outside of downtown Midland, about 3.5 miles from Dow Diamond baseball stadium. We worship in the Family Life Center.

Where do I park?

You can park towards the Journeys Coffee House entrance (there will be a sign that says Restoration Fellowship and Journeys Coffee House) and enter in that door on the far west end of the building.

When do your services take place?

Our services take place every Saturday in the Family Life Center. We have a free dinner served at 5 p.m. and worship begins at 6 p.m.

What do I wear?

Whatever is comfortable for you! We welcome you exactly you are—there is no dress code. You can wear jeans, casual clothes, etc. Come as you are.

What are your worship services like?

At Restoration Fellowship, we strive to create judgment-free environment, full of God’s love. There are no glaring lights. No pews. With candles, couches, round tables, and lamps, Pastor Tige leads a message of hope, healing and growth each night in a warm and judgment-free environment. Music is led by a worship band with guitars, drums and singers on stage, often playing contemporary tunes similar to what you would hear on the radio.

Pastor Tige uses the Word of God and His teachings through scripture to guide our messages in an engaging and applicable way, often incorporating lessons from the 12 steps, as well as personal narratives and examples. Designed for those with hurts, habits and hang-ups, Restoration Fellowship welcomes everyone, and is a service designed for all looking for hope, healing and growth in a judgment-free zone full of God’s love.

Where do I take my kids?

RF has a children’s class called Hope Garden, located down the hall from the Family Life Center. For security measures, you will need to sign your child or children in, then sign them out at 7 p.m. at the end of worship. As Restoration Fellowship often targets topics only appropriate for adults, Hope Garden is a great time for your children to learn and worship while their parents or family attend the RF service.

How do I learn more?

When you attend Restoration Fellowship, make sure to fill out a communication card located on the tables to let us know you were here; you can also note any prayer requests or information you would like us to know on the back of that card. You can also find out more in the “About Us” section of the website, or email Pastor Tige Culbertson at [email protected]